Why Do Customers Leave My Website?

If you are unhappy with traffic vs. conversion rates on your website, it is time to get to the bottom of the matter and decipher exactly what causes customers to click off your site before they read an article, browser products, sign up or make a purchase. More often than not it is one of a few simple things that you can clear up daily quickly with the help of a great phoenix seo agency like Digital Current.

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Bad Links: Customers want links that direct them to articles and information. Bad links or 404 errors look bad on your business and may cause customers to direct their attention elsewhere to a company they perceive to be more reliable.

Un-optimized Website: Almost 90% of your customers access your site via their mobile device. That is one reason that optimizing your site for mobile devices is so important. Google also penalized businesses that do not optimize its site for mobiles.

Pop-Ups/Redirects: Remember when all of the websites played music as soon as you entered the site and how annoying it was? Customers feel the same way about pop-ups so nix them in the bud and keep them happy. The same rule applies to redirects.

Slow Loading Pages:  Customers will leave your website fast and in a hurry if pages fail to load in a timely manner. You must ensure that your pages not only load fast but that navigating through the website is easy, even for those who may be technology-inclined.

Poor Quality: A customer knows within a second if they’ll do business with your company. That is why making a great first impression is so important. Make sure your website is aesthetically appealing, informative, and accurate, and regularly updated so customers enjoy what they see.