Direct Mail Campaign Ideas to Really Deliver Your Message

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Thinking of running a direct mail campaign to get your brand in front of more potential customers? You can either handle the whole process, or you can take advantage of mailing companies near me services to help you get the word out about what your business is up to.

Whichever approach you choose, keep in mind that direct mail campaigns can still be a great way to really drive your message home to people in your local area. It can even be personalized directly to the recipient, making it feel like your marketing is just for them.

Consider These Tips For Your Next Mailing Campaign

When you are getting ready to begin your next direct mail marketing campaign, consider some of these ideas to really spice up your message and stick out to prospective customers:

·    Pop-up cards

Want to really make your message pop? You can do just that with pop-up cards that make your marketing stand out from the usual advertisements that appear in local mailboxes. You could even take it a step further by using three-dimensional imagery on your cards.

·    Goodie tins

What do people love more than small, free trinkets? Not many people will turn down something free, and if the goodies are branded with your logo, then they will also think about your company every time they use the item. These simple goodies could include things like pens, badges, notebooks, laptop stickers, or something else.

·    QR code video ad

This is a unique idea. You could consider mailing information about your company, with a QR code attached, which when scanned by a smartphone QR code reader, could play a personalized video telling all about your latest deals. People love unique marketing such as this.

These are a few ways you can consider getting creative with your mail marketing, and help your brand really stick out when people open their mailboxes. Hopefully, by utilizing some of these ideas, you’ll see more traffic coming in your door, simply by getting creative with your mailing campaigns.